Volunteering program

Our volunteers help in different areas but every project has to be agreed with Blue Sky School´s professionals ans responsibles. Each and all of our volunteers make an outstanding contribution to every child at Blue Sky Pre and Primary School.

The volunteer program has the following main objectives:

  • To sensitize the participants about the situation of education in Tanzania, knowing firsthand the situation in public and private schools and, specifically, in our center.
  • To generate an environment of cultural exchange in which both parties (Tanzanians and volunteers) come enriched by experience.
  • To create and develop activities aimed to empowering volunteers.
  • To respond to the educational and social needs of Blue Sky School students and teachers through the creation of projects carried out by volunteers.

At Blue Sky School we estimate that exchange of experiences among teachers, volunteers, parents, etc. enrich this project day by day.

We look for volunteers who are open-minded, who can solve problems and are passionate about helping others and look forward to living new experiences. There are different ways to volunteer at Blue Sky Pre and Primary School, these include:

  • Trainers: qualified volunteers can design training courses of different subjects for children as well as for teachers and parents.
  • Assistant teachers: volunteers in this case would assist teachers with their classes and help to achieve their academic goals. They could also introduce new activities, teaching materials or they can help teachers by providing teaching techniques or tools (if they are qualified teachers).
  • Helping in construction: volunteers could assist the team in any of our projects to improve our infrastructure (building new classes, playground, designing spaces…).
  • Designing of future projects: many times, once the volunteer knows the reality of the school and depending on his professional experience, he can imagine future needs. Thanks to this different vision many projects have been developed.
  • Helping with maintenance of social networks, website, crowdfunding campaigns: if the volunteer has experience can assist in the maintenance of social networks or design fundraising campaigns.

We think that the volunteer process must be an exchange, and we accept volunteers who have not had previous professional experience, but we know that in order to introduce great changes it´s necessary to know the opinion of professionals.
Volunteers will not be allowed to lead individual classes if they don´t have experience or qualifications related with education as we have local teachers who carry out that function. We know, however, that collaborating with teachers is essential, and programs or activities can be carried out by volunteers but always supported with local teachers.