Volunteering program

We have a permanent volunteer program at Blue Sky. Our volunteers help in different areas but every project has to be agreed with Blue Sky School´s professionals ans responsibles. Each and all of our volunteers make an outstanding contribution to every child at Blue Sky Pre and Primary School, but we are serious with our volunteer program and good intentions are indispensable; but they must come with a human quality, compromise ans a strong preparation to the work you want to do.

The volunteer program has the following main objectives:

  • To sensitize the participants about the situation of education in Tanzania, knowing firsthand the situation in public and private schools and, specifically, in our center.
  • To generate an environment of cultural exchange in which both parties (Tanzanians and volunteers) come enriched by experience.
  • To create and develop activities aimed to empowering volunteers.
  • To respond to the educational and social needs of Blue Sky School students and teachers.

At Blue Sky School we estimate that exchange of experiences among teachers, volunteers, parents, etc. enrich this project day by day.

Volunteers will not be allowed to lead individual classes if they don´t have experience or qualifications related with education as we have local teachers who carry out that function. We know, however, that collaborating with teachers is essential, and programs or activities can be carried out by volunteers but always supported with local teachers. We are looking for volunteers with an open mind and who can solve problems. New ideas are essential for the project.

Every volunteer (together with Blue Sky´s Volunteer Coordinator) will design the projects in which he or she will be involved before coming to Tanzania, and the projects have to make sense on the development of the school. We have to prevent imposing our personal ideas, beliefs ways of thinking on others. Tanzania is a country rich in resources and deeply human, we have to try to adapt our actions to the reality. You are not better not worst than anyone, and local people thoughts are more important than yours.

We ask the volunteers to come to Blue Sky School with maximum respect towards the children and the staff. Everyone has a right to privacy and we need to ask for permission if you are going to photograph people. It´s not good to feed into pre-existing stereotypes and we have to avoid to narrate their day-to-day activities in the social media.